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Plum Cook-a-Lot Chive

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For little ones who like to be just like Mum and Dad, the Plum® Cook-a-lot Chive Kitchen is the perfect workstation. Children can use the click and turn knobs to set temperature, fry on the hobs, bake cakes inside the oven and do their laundry in the washing machine!


The Plum® Chive Kitchen has been specifically designed for little hands and has easy to open doors and rounded edges. 


Made from strong and sturdy wood, it is built to last for years of inventive play cooking. 


What's included?

Wooden cooking accessories: frying pan, spoon and spatula

Click and turn dials

Oven and washing machine with opening doors

Feature window


Hanging hooks for utensils 

Removable sink for washing up

Illustrations including hobs and a clock for inspiring imaginations