Baby Bjorn - Baby Carrier Harmony With Bib - Navy Blue - 3D Mesh


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  • 0–3 years
  • 3.2–15 kg
  • 53–100 cm
  • Baby Carrier Harmony is perfect if you want a super-soft, super-comfy and super-stylish baby carrier, crafted in cool mesh. The flexible head support is easy to adjust, and the baby carrier provides your child with ergonomic support for their legs and hips. For the babywearer, Baby Carrier Harmony is designed with padded shoulder straps, pressure-relieving back support and a flexible waist belt, so that you can carry as comfortably as possible. While Baby Carrier Harmony is machine washable, with a bib you can keep the baby carrier clean and fresh for longer!

Baby Carrier Harmony is a comfortable and versatile baby carrier, crafted with care in every detail. The baby carrier has a wide seat area and adjustable head support, and it is made of cool mesh with soft jersey details.


TIP: Keep it fresh for longer with a bib.

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