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For your baby, the optimal room temperature is approximately 18 ̊C while the optimal temperature for your baby’s bath is at body temperature: between 36.5 ̊C and 38 ̊C.

Uniquely designed in the iconic Tommee Tippee star, the thermometer is styled to fit with your nursery or bathroom decor. The thermometer is suitable for measuring the temperature of your baby’s room or bath. Simply tap to activate Gently tap the unit to activate the display and the temperature of their room or bath will be displayed in a few seconds. Optimal room temperature This cute star thermometer makes it easy for you to monitor their room temperature, and adjust as needed to maintain the optimal room temperature of approximately 18 ̊C. Optimal bath temperature This thermometer floats in the bath, helping you monitor the water temperature. The optimum temperature for you baby’s bath is body temperature, so between 36.5°C and 38°C. Warning light The LED warning light on the display panel will illuminate red when the water temperature is above 39°C and too hot for your baby.

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