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Tamagotchi Uni is the newest generation of your favourite interactive virtual pet and allows fans to connect in a completely new way, the Tamaverse. The Tamaverse is the metaverse of the Tamagotchi world allowing fans from around the globe to play together in the Tama Arena, Tama Party, Tama Fashion and Tama Travel.

While maintaining its core Tamagotchi attributes of nurturing, communication, portability, and gaming, your virtual pet is better than ever, it’s more Unique, United and Universal. Tamagotchi Uni also has various new features allowing fans their own unique experience, including DIY activities, exploring with your character and an in- device social platform.

You can connect with your friend’s Tamagotchi Uni to go on playdates, give and receive gifts and even marry. Plus, the Tamagotchi Uni comes with a pink band so you can wear it on your wrist to take it wherever you go and interact with your UniTama in an all-new way.

  • Contents: 1xTamagotchi Uni Pink, 1x pink strap, 1x USB-C cord and 1x built in battery
  • Dimensions: 2L x 5.5W x 6H cm
  • Strap length: 25 cm
  • Raise a UniTama with unique personalities, accessories and decorating
  • Connect Tamagotchi Uni devices to play, craft, exchange items and proposeRaise a UniTama with unique personalities, accessories and decorating
  • Link to the world through the Tamaverse where you can meet characters from around the world
  • Wear it on your wrist and take it with you wherever you go
  • Match your characters move in the Dance game, serve hamburgers in the Fast Food game
  • Wi-Fi allows for updates for exclusive download items and new Tamaverse areas
  • Choose from 7 languages for gameplay: English, Spanish, French, German, Italian, Portuguese, Japanese


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