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Order Your Kids John Deere Classic Farmyard Tractor Wheeled Trailer

A tractor is a very handy thing to have around the farm. It becomes even handier when combined with a trailer, so the Kids John Deere Classic Farmyard Tractor Wheeled Trailer will make your John Deere kids ride on tractor complete. This cool little attachable trailer for Peg Perego toys easily connects to all Peg Perego John Deere tractors, whether pedal or electric. Just hitch up the trailer to your kids ride on tractor or walk along to start your farming adventure.

This Official John Deere Kids Ride On farm trailer can transport up to 10 kg in weight giving you plenty of space to pack that lunch on your adventure. It is equipped with 2 wheels that perfect balance the tractor so that you can carry whatever you like when out and about. Order this great little trailer online today.

Kids John Deere Classic Farmyard Tractor Wheeled Trailer Details:

  • Supports up to 10KG weight load
  • Suitable for Pedal and Electric Tractors
  • Dimensions: 68.5 cm x 42 cm x 47.5 cm
  • Materials: Anti-corrosion treated iron. PP polypropylene. PA polyamide. High-density PEHD
  • IGTR0941 / 8005475362969

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