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Featuring a larger 20" front wheel for more advanced sliders. 'Fun to the max!' Dual stick steering puts you in control. Awesome sideways action!

Slide, spin, drift! The Green Machine gains speed using the front wheel pedals, with hand levers steering through the rear wheels. As with the entire GM range, this 20" model is built around a robust Steel frame, featuring a 20" pneumatic BMX style wheel up front providing stability and a touch of comfort, and 'blow moulded' rear drift wheels that allow for free & fluid movement!

"They grow up so fast", so Huffy have designed the GM 20" to be full adjustable, with a supportive bucket seat ensuring they're planted during spins & slides. Slowed using the front wheel coaster brake.

Key Features:

  • Pedal operated front wheel
  • Freewheel front hub allows you to coast
  • Coaster brake
  • 20" pneumatic BMX style front wheel
  • GM graphic front wheel disc
  • Dual stick steering
  • Adjustable bucket seat - provides perfect fitment and side support for that sideways action
  • Tough blow-moulded rear drift wheels - spins & slides are fluid & effortless!
  • Comfort handlebar grips with fluted ends for optimal control
  • Durable Steel frame - built to last! Backed by Huffy's lifetime warranty
  • Suited for ages 8+.
  • Recommended Height: 44-56cm

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