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If you love scooters, pick the BERG Nexo. It's the thing to be seen with. The Nexo has sleek design and 3 wheels for extra stability. With extra firm grip on the handles and footboard, and an ergonomic foot brake, you just can't go wrong. It's even safe to go out in the dark, thanks to optional lights in the front wheels. It's easy to fold up and carry around with you, or pull the Nexo along behind you using the handlebar. And if you fancy it, the Nexo features additional options for even greater fun out on your scooter.

The Nexo scooter is suitable for age 2 years and up. After that, you'll never want to be without it. Fortunately, the steering wheel has three adjustable settings, so your scooter grows as you grow, for years to come.

Scooters can't go everywhere, all the time. No problem. Just one click, and the Nexo folds up neatly. Or you can pull it along smoothly using the handle. Unfolding again is just as easy. Click, done and away you go.

Naturally, as a child you want to be visible when out on your Nexo. Extra lighting in the front wheels takes care of this for you. It looks cool, and you're also visible in the dark. Batteries not required. The wheels recharge as you go along!

 If you really want to get the most out of your Nexo, go for extra modules. The LED Add-On offers 12 settings with various light and colour patterns. Can you picture it? And the Magnet Add-On lets you collect magnetic counters as you ride along on the scooter. Fun by yourself, or together with friends.

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