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The Berg XL B Super Yellow BFR Go Kart is Berg’s newest offering!

Do you want the most comprehensive classic?

Then choose the Berg XL B Super Yellow BFR Go Kart!!!

This cool go-kart in a yellow jacket has mudguards with
reflection and a nice hood on the front.

The swing axle ensures that you
can also drive safely on non-flat surfaces.

Drive around in style with this zingy Berg XL B Super Yellow BFR Go Kart

Simply BFR stands for: Brake, Freewheel and Reverse.

The BFR system cleverly allows

brake using the pedals
After immediately coming to a standstill you can also reverse.
The freewheel ensure the pedals remain stationary while the wheels are turning.

This is all automatic which gives you the freedom to concentrate on your surroundings.

The back-pedal brakes also allow you to brake hard and fast.

For younger children it can be hard for them to control the pedals with their feet at a fast speed or when something unexpected happens.

The freewheel means as soon as pedalling stops the go kart continues to move but the pedals stop turning.

These features ensure that whoever is riding the Go Kart does so with their safety as first priority.

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