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A lovely audio play about the sweet flower fairy Princess Lillifee, which is complemented by beautiful songs and narrated by no other than the famous Kim Wilde.


Princess Lillifee is a small, sweet flower fairy. She lives in a magical flower palace on a small hill in the middle of a large, beautiful garden. Her friends are the animals and the plants, that live in her garden. Lillifee is good-hearted and loves to help everyone, even if she doesn’t know what to do. Follow her to a magical world of flowers and accompany her to the first fairy ball.

List of titles

01 - Lillifee’s World


02 - Princess Lillifee



03 - Airmail



04 - A Golden Letter



05 - The Fairy Ball



06 - Ever So Busy



07 - Hello Morning



08 - Helping Someone Is Fun



09 - This Dress or That Dress?



10 - I’m All Dressed Up



11 - How Do I Look?



12 - Pugsy’s Idea



13 - Friends are Friends



14 - Making a New Dress



15 - All Done



16 - The Most Beautiful Princess of All



17 - Off to the Fairy Ball



18 - Lillifee Dance

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