Rainbow High Colour Change Car

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Pull Up To Rainbow High In Style With The Rainbow High 8-In-1 Light Up Colour Change Car!


Pick up your friends and take a drive with the most fashionable convertible sports car in school. Why settle for one colour car when you can have the rainbow?!  Just press the button to select your car colour. It starts as white and then you can choose any colour in the rainbow (white, red, orange, yellow, green, blue, or purple) or cycle through all of them!

Easy to Operate
LED colour changing lights controlled by pressing the gold button on the hood of the car to select your car colour. Each colour turns off automatically after 30 seconds to conserve the battery.

What’s Included?
The RH Colour Change Car features a white body with 8-in-1 LED colour Changing Car, black interior with RH logo monogram seats, two-seater sporty convertible that fits 2 Rainbow High Fashion Dolls with working seat belts to keep your dolls safe. Turn the corner to get to your fave hang out spot with the working steering wheel and wheels that move. Rainbow High logo details, silver trim accent trim and grill. A personalized license plate adds a signature style.

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