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Don't Step in It! Hasbro Gaming

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Be careful not to poop out while playing this hilarious game with messy consequences! Put on a blindfold, spin the spinner, and then take that many steps across the game mat. But watch out! Sometimes players will have to add a poop, remove a poop, or even re-arrange the poops along the mat. Who can avoid the number twos to win?

Blindfolded, poop-dodging fun.

Mould the included compound to look like piles of poop.

Step in the fewest poops to win.

Play with friends or dodge the poop solo.

  • Contents: includes game mat, blindfold, 4 cans of compound, plastic mould, spinner board with arrow and base, and instructions.
  • 1 or more players.
  • For ages 4 years and over.